sarah (meridith) wrote,

I get these calls from time to time for about the last year and a half or so, they are odd they say "line 1" on the caller id which means either its a private number or from someplace out of range, they always call about 11 or so and then sometimes I hear someone breathing and sometimes its jsut someone hanging up. I though for a long time it was a prank call for obvious reasons. but I never really give any reaction when they call other then just answering like normal or not answering at all. now it just seem more odd because of someone was pranking me wouldnt they give up after not kgetting a reaction for this long, or maybe call later when it would really bother me, or say something mean or funny or something. So yea its just getting really strang to me. Does anyone know who is doing thins to me? or maybe are any of you getting calls liek this?
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